📌📌📌The Poem of cycles of ❤️ of Willie y Wanda REVISED again with epilogue:First Part

First-cycle:📌📌📌The Poem of cycles of ❤️ of Willie y Wanda REVISED again with epilogue

On August.11 is me and my Wanda our wedding anniversary and who would’ve known this living embodiment of the 40 year old virgin:


would’ve finally find love with a young hot babe Wanda castillo

Who unlike this Van Halen song…once you go Latina you never go back:

-Who is 11 years my junior-who would’ve thought especially when I pursued her -she would not give me time and day and since we worked in the same place I would sign the lunch and break sheet at the same time she signed up and it never would happen she would change it…..

She was like my Doomsday:

She was like Mr.T or Apollo and I was Rocky being knock down to the canvas…..

yet like Rocky I had heart and got up each time before the bell ringed.’’(yet God had more of a hand-

Or this generations Rocky who has the same heart but is relatively unknown- only known by a few or like me was my last choice because the other movies were sold out:

And Eminem was my corner ring man in either scenario :

In this sense I can jokingly picture God seeing His Adam and Eve perfectly complimenting and made for each other caught in a seemingly inescapable loop of indecision that God just steps in and throws them together.’’’)

And come to think of it when love comes easy you do not appreciate or cherish as much as when you struggle and fight for that special eve that has a fortress around her heart towards you and you alone like the Sting song in this sense:

(Nowadays its further reinforced by the me too movement that are justified in some cases but in other cases it is ridiculous taking courtship and dating ages old practices like holding doors,giving 🌺,non sexual compliments etc like natural courtship rituals in God’s animal creation:

and making them into Orwellian crimes of action and thought

against all womankind that ever lived,lived and will live leaving us singles unable to move in our personal quest of love like confused and afraid to act or say anything in our courtship version of the divine,theological,biblical and philosophical friction between free will and predestination) feeling and living like a Natalie imbruglia torn video:

And I would’ve wandered aimlessly worn and battered like a human

Springsteen’s streets of Philadelphia song or U2 video:

for all eternity in this desert searching for my desert rose-my garden of eden among stretching before and beyond the horizon glaring-that is all I can see:

On a road I traveled exclusively a psalm of longing and lament that only adorned my parched lips seeking the waters of life which were the kisses that only belonged to my Eve

since the day I first saw the God given beauty of eves

My personal garden of Eden

Built for two and any fruits of that Love

To have a wonderful day in that

our personal neighborhood:


Matthew 19:

5and said, ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? 6So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.” 7They said to him, “Why then did Moses command one to give a certificate of divorce and to send her away?” 8He said to them, “Because of your hardness of heart Moses allowed you to divorce your wives, but from the beginning it was not so. 9And I say to you: whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery.”a



Nurtured and


Wanting with all my heart soul and body

To be a Eve’s Teddy bear:

Till I found you and you weren’t a illusion a mirage a empty dream a song by God’s grace sweet song greeting the ears of my heart:

Now known as the shrek


But I knew it from the monkeys original:

Yet even then with all the proof

Than I had finally find my quests end

My hearts keeper whose eyes

I find life

Whose eyes I am complete:

I tried not to close my eyes and miss the Kodak moments even if it was a delusion,wishful thinking that was without any shred of evidence or proof of existence….

of You- Wanda Castillo

The once and future Mrs Morales-

and fail this time like always-

falling asleep and finding myself beside once again to the stark reality

I was still alone :

Leaving also on my parched lips and mouth as if it was sewn on by the threads of


Of unfounded hope

And its signs that were nothing but sandcastles of and in the air

Always ready to burst and disapplate

And scatter into the nothingness of the void of the never ending story that could’ve been but will never be:

The original:

The nothing:

My eternal question: Hello and its not Adele’s but rather Lionel Ritchie’s Hello:

And when you worked your last day at Barnes Noble the original and we exchanged numbers and promises to keep in contact were given to each other that turned out to be true and not pleasant meaningless promises… I had this song in my mind as you left seeming to be my last time I would see you:

And meditating and pondering and stressing like the Timmy Tee song:

will you ever give me another chance

One more try…

to eternally fix the gaze of your heart eternally only on me and me alone-even though I have no foggy idea or notion or plan or scheme what to do and what to say –

I truly needed a Rosetta Stone as these Phil Collins songs played in my mind testifying how I felt:


I don’t have these time machines:



or the superhero ability:



I can not go back into time and correct-

Rectify my failures

My indecisiveness

And my foolishness

And my sins like a personal Groundhog Day:


Once I have committed them

They become etched and chiseled eternally in the rock of eternity

Never ever able to call them back:

(Summing up since I fall short of the present cultural norms of Prince Charming of not only the first look but the second,third etc that alone stacks the odds of me finding love all the more)

to translate so you can comprehend,understand,convince,plead my case and think when I say I love you that they were not just words of empty air but were were given the breathe of life…given wings by you and you alone…….like the poor mans version of Lloyd:

Always facing this question as well that I always knew the answer… But this time

Hoping it will be one happy ending:


And not the angelic heavenly host

Watching my life constantly and expressing:


And reaffirming this lie with my life’s blood and sweat:


That Saturday night I hung out with the group at work and fate intervened on the way back to our respective homes we bumped into each other and it seemed Cupid called a major air strike:

That all I can remember I ended up with a first date with you and gee it wouldn’t be the last as a matter of fact today and in the words of:


Into the fathomless depths of eternity

Yes The truth was out there:


Yes it was and is somewhere in God’s heavens:


Yes That truth where it lies was with you and you alone Wanda:

Your heart alone had a willy shaped keyhole

Which I alone can open

Which I alone can enter

Which I alone can call home

Somewhere in my personal Lost in space:


Thank God He gave you eyes to look beyond the gossip and rumors that were spread about me:



To see my real ❤️:

To see the real me:

Or his modern day counterpart:

That this one time first and last was not ending like it always did like the final scene of glory-seemingly rallying to win then reality sets in:


Like the incredible hulk smashing you:


That reality set in as a new day When I saw you for our first date you looked enchantingly radiant looking like the fourth member of TLC:


So much so I can hear this TLC song:

And our first date was the movie frequency:


And the movie title became a living motif of the wonderful reality that finally love have found our frequencies to our hearts and they were communicating the only way the language of love can talk between a Adam and His Eve:

And afterwards I felt like these cartoon characters:



In jubilee as I approached my promised land like the Israelites of the Old Testament:


Feeling like the highlander:



victorious to be the last one standing to claim the prize and in my case that prize Wanda was your ❤️…