Reformed faith salsa style

I thought of you when I read this quote from “The Next Story: Faith, Friends, Family, and the Digital World” by Tim Challies –

“When we give our lives over to idols, we hand them the keys to our heart. We become “possessed” by them, driven to use them, please them, and find our satisfaction in them. We become tools of our tools; rather than owning our gadgets we become owned by them. We begin to structure our lives around them, and our actions and choices are motivated by our need and desire for the blessings and benefits that idol provides for us. Idols hide from us to avoid direct confrontation. And one of the ways they hide is by convincing us that they are actually good things in our lives. What makes this such an effective strategy is that many of the things that become idols in our hearts really are good gifts from God. But somehow they have become twisted and perverted into something evil. Money is a good gift from God that can be used to provide blessing and resources for those in need. Sexual intimacy is a gift from a loving Creator, given to draw a husband to his wife and a wife to her husband and increase their covenantal love for one another. Even power is a gift from God, given to maintain his moral rule through his servants. The trouble with each of these is not in the things themselves, but in the position we give to them in our lives. Each of these becomes an idol when we take something good and make it into something ultimate.”

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