Reformed faith salsa style

I thought of you when I read this quote from “This Is Our Time: Everyday Myths in Light of the Gospel” by Trevin Wax –

““You Are the Center of the Universe” Looking in on this scene, you might think, Ah, the teenage years— those torturous times when you are emotionally needy and crave affirmation . Or maybe you think, Look at the lengths today’s kids will go to in order to fish for a compliment! Or maybe you’re familiar with this ritual, having performed it yourself as a teenager or as an adult. Whatever the case, if you think this activity is all about compliments and affirmation, you’re missing something. There’s more going on here. You’re not watching a group of self-centered girls do whatever it takes to be told they’re pretty; you’re witnessing a complicated social game. Instagram is the field, and the girls are the players. Like any game this one has rules, which is why the girls have expectations. “It’s definitely a social obligation,” Julia explains, “because you want to let them know, and also let people who are seeing those, that I have a close relationship with this person, so close that I can comment on their pictures, like, ‘This is so cute,’ or, ‘You look so great here.’” Likes play a part in the game. So do comments. The rules change based on how well you know someone, who is in your circle of friends, and how others have responded to your online presence. A “like” is more than affirmation. A comment is more than a compliment. They are signals of social significance. And the girls who post, like, and comment are focused not on the picture but on the social activity. Who is commenting where? What are people saying? Who is liking whose photos? What’s more, the absence of a like or comment can send a signal, too. If a girl’s closest friend doesn’t leave a comment, she may wonder if something is wrong. Is the picture not “good enough”? Did her friend see the picture and deliberately choose not to like it? What if someone notices that her popular friend didn’t like the picture?”

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