I thought of you when I read this quote from “This Is Our Time: Everyday Myths in Light of the Gospel” by Trevin Wax –

“were still sinners,” the apostle Paul wrote, “Christ died for us.” 21 This is how God demonstrated His love. God doesn’t just know everything about you— the Wikipedia version of your life; He knows you truly. God doesn’t just see the image you want the world to see; He sees what you’d never want the world to know. And He loves you anyway. As my friend Matt said (on Twitter , of course!), “Though you have not seen God, you love Him. Though He has seen you, He loves you.” 22 God outshines our self-displays of glory with His sacrificial display of love. He loves you just as you are but also enough to make you more like Him. The gospel makes it possible for us to know God. Not just WikiFacts about the Bible, as good as those may be. Knowledge of God, not just knowledge about Him— that is the boast of the believer. The gospel also makes it possible for us to be truly known. It’s the story of God’s beautiful condescension to us, His willingness to take on our humanity and live our life, die our death, and blaze the way into His new world. For those of us who have trusted in Christ, we receive the great big “like” of affirmation from God to His children. God so loved the world, we say. But God likes His children , too, and His plan is to make us more and more like His Son. Seen in the light of what we receive from the God who loved us enough to save us, all of the showy displays, the ways we try to stand out, the false hopes for “likes” and “comments” online look like paltry attempts at securing from others what we already have from God: His approval. In Christ we have the smile of God . In Christ we are already part of His family. 23 But I know how much I fall short, you say. I’m not good enough. The gospel says, “Of course you’re not good enough!” That’s the whole point of salvation by grace through faith. If you could somehow be good enough to merit God’s favor, you’d twist your goodness into a way to steal His glory. The gospel says Jesus was good enough for you. He was the perfect sacrifice that wipes the slate clean, and through Him, God offers you a new heart and His Spirit to change you. 24”

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