Reformed faith salsa style

I thought of you when I read this quote from “This Is Our Time: Everyday Myths in Light of the Gospel” by Trevin Wax –

“The gospel frees us from the need to do reputation control online all the time. God sees through selfies. And so there’s a better story, a better way. The gospel affirms the deepest longings that drive us to our phone—the longing to know and to be known— but it exposes the lie that the phone can truly fulfill those longings. So now our focus must shift. The way forward is to cultivate practices— counterpoints— that offset the myths coming from our phones. What Must We Do? If the phone says, “This is your world,” we will need to counteract that myth by creating both time and space for us to experience real life, not the self-tailored world of make-believe on our screen. Here are a few suggestions. First, carve out time daily, weekly, monthly, when the rhythm of your life allows your phone to be off. (If you need it for emergencies, set it to “Do not disturb” and allow only close friends and family to get through.) Make time throughout the day, perhaps during your morning Bible reading and prayer time, or during the critical family hours of 5: 00– 7: 00 p.m, when your phone goes on silent and you are “unavailable” to the outside world. Set a timer on your phone so you won’t play games longer than you intend. Set aside other times to focus on people, get out in nature, or read a book. Next, carve out space— actual rooms and places in your life— to be phone free. Perhaps it will be the worship service at church or the dinner table with your friends and family. My wife and I have chosen not to have the phone in our bedroom, so we won’t be tempted to check it if we wake up at night, and so I don’t touch my phone in the morning before opening my Bible. It may seem silly, but intentional practices matter. They shape us. Figure out what works best for you; the key is intentionality.”

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