I thought of you when I read this quote from “The Next Story: Faith, Friends, Family, and the Digital World” by Tim Challies –

“For technology to become a god in our lives, it does not require such a comprehensive commitment. We can make an idol of technology as we flip through the weekly advertisements, looking for something, anything, that will make our lives just a little bit better and fill the void in our hearts. The fact that technology is so effective is part of what makes it such an alluring idol. It delivers what it promises. For a while, at least. Technology as an Enabler of Idols While technology can be an idol in and of itself, far more commonly it serves as an enabler of other idols. In this sense, technology has a secondary function, enhancing the power of an existing idol
by strengthening its grip on our heart. Technology becomes a tool of our existing idols. The man who makes sex into an idol, who is consumed by lust and who has no greater loyalty than following his sexual impulses, will use technology to enable and enhance his idolatry. His computer can certainly be used for many good and godly purposes, but instead it becomes a tool in the service of the idol that controls him, furthering his bondage, increasing the power of that idol through the viewing of pornography or the pursuit of illicit relationships. His cell phone, useful for communicating with loved ones, now becomes another conduit for a furtive glimpse at the pornography that fuels his lustful desire. His television, a possible means of education and relaxation, now becomes just another platform for per”

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