I went with my only wonder woman to see Wonder Woman the movie.

And I was pleasantly surprised …for me and most of all my family in particular my two sons and baby daughter: For me because I wanted since I discovered superheroes for DC to make live action movies of my favorite superheroes such as Green  Lantern,Batman,Flash,Justice league etc and because Wonderwoman was well made from acting to directing now my hopes seem to become reality unless Justice League bombs…

For my sons and young daughter though it presents sex not as the world defines it today yet falls short of God’s definition marriage but the conversation between Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor leaves room for open dialogue between my children concerning the biblical view  of marriage and sex not only live to that standard but if you fail to find healing, peace,grace,forgiveness in the only one that can give t and freely offers it Christ and Christ  alone,,….

Lastly for my baby daughter who has yet to understand the concepts of the terms complementarian and egalitarian 

But will in time be drawn to either side. One is biblical the other not- yet both have high regards of gender- yet one confuses that role each gender is expected as implying inferiority and not viewing it thru the lens of scripture and how it s recognized and roles actively portrayed by the trinity God the father who planed salvation,God the son who carried it out his work on the cross and His ascension,God the Holy Spirit who applies it to all who seek,each has a specific task yet equal in nature and power.

She will also realize that being female will in no way makes her less inferior mentally,physically,spiritually,and emotionally but is a gift from God that she will demonstrate and illustrate with her particular talents,experience and knowledge…….


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