Election Of God

Election of God
God sees us drowning in the dark waters of sin we naturally are drawn to drink,bathe or swim unable to save ourselves
Does He yell out to us and say do you need saving… do you need saving???Does He say 
Heck NO!!! He dives in using His infinite strength  

He alone saving us

Taking us to the safety of the heavenly shore

Breathing His divine life into our spiritual lungs gasping for air…

Beating life into our dead hearts with His nail pierced hands

Resurrecting from our spiritual death

His light removing the blindness sin has blessed upon us all and will be from our eyes and minds

His voice healing fully our ears

Spiritually deaf from birth

allowing us to hear Him calling us by our given name

Allowing us To see Him alone pursuing us

And our mute mouth since birth

Alone cry out to Him who came down to earth,walked alone to the cross and He rose again the third day..later ascending to Heaven yet later returning at the right time as the returning king….”Lord help me and save me!!! ”
Witnessing eternally in love and gratitude He alone is our Savior and Lord…. 


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