Bastard children

We puerto ricans are the bastard children of the united states and treated as such

Case in point the foolish American on a major news network

Said what other will say in ignorance and others state it as a matter of factually today in the light of  the reality of how the media portrays us visually and in print form “we should vent Puerto Rican’s before they enter this country”

I say to all this ignorant people

I say to all the media informed people

Hey we are too Americans

Hey we too are its citizens since 3//2/1917

Which congress named and passed  as Jones-shafroth act

Signed into law by then president woodrew wilson

Hey wake up and smell the coffee of history……..

Ironic what led to the boston tea party then and later the fight for independence
Is what america imposes on puerto rico
In our national,spiritual,judicial,emotional,physical,finical and legislative purgatory atoning for sins not our own but thrusted 
Imposed on us by a colonial ruling mentality of america……
Our blood 
 And Our people has been faithfully heroically shed sacrfienced all over the world in defense of this countrie’s dreams, ‘ ideals,peace and security 
Our resources 
Our lands have ,are and will be stolen by corporate powers  
Then,now and tomorrow 
Just give us the natural rights of natural born sons
To be citizens not only in name only
To let us not only have our voices respectfully heard in its
 three branches of American liberty
But to not only maintain ,defend its inseparable union
But vote not only for its affairs but the affairs of others and country…..

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