Remember every christain we put on our Pedestal have…

I love Tim Keller

I love his preaching

I love his heart for our city and cities of the world

I love his books

I love CS Lewis,Calvinism,reformed faith,John Macarther, etc

You too have put people,theologies ,events  etc unto pedestals

Sometimes they becomes our idols

Paper popes they wrote it said it it most be true

A garden of eden perfect to live in

Then boom Reality hits us

Our heros 

Our shangrai la

Fail us

Many often say see Christianity is a sham

I will leave the faith

Many sadly do because they have placed their faith in a man or his creation 

I speak as well from personal experience (yet not I but Christ has a firm grasp of me in His nail scares hands)

As their Christ…their savior
Not on the Real Christ 

Both God and perfect man

Who alone will NEVER disappoint

 let us down

For Him their is no sin no imperfection

He never changes

He is the same,yesterday and tomorrow

And this must be the Lord and Savior 

We all must hold


And of course admire those people,church leaders christians 

And natuarally our hearts will put them on pedestals 

Yet let us pound into our hearts and minds 




Every second

Every minute 

Every day 

Every month

Every year

The admonition

The implications 

Of the apostles,

The prophets 

Look at us 

We are not God’s

We are men like you

With sinful hearts

With sinful minds

And of course FEET OF CLAY

The only ONE worthy to sit upon the thrones of our




Is God and God alone

And all those we admire 




We think and have become our xerox copies

Shadows of paradise lost

Can sit at thefoot of the steps leading to His heavenly eternal infinite throne…….

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