“A. W. Tozer notes, “When God justifies a sinner, everything in God is on the sinner’s side. All the attributes of God are on the sinner’s side. It isn’t that mercy is pleading for the sinner and justice is trying to beat him to death. All of God does all that God does.” 7 If God is for us, all of God, not a part of God, is for us. The infinite, eternal, unchangeable God who is goodness and wisdom himself is on our side (Rom. 8:31). So in the death of Christ, we see the simplicity of God revealed in the sense that all his attributes gloriously harmonize. We possess not a verse here or there but rather a glorious picture of God’s simple undivided essence in the way he orchestrates the whole of our redemption, especially at the cross.” from “God Is: A Devotional Guide to the Attributes of God” by Mark Jones


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