“All we think, feel, do, and say should be given exclusively to Christ alone and governed by his Spirit as worship. And by the sufficiency of his work, Christ supplies our every need in abundant and eternal life. The new covenant accomplishments of Christ merit every spiritual blessing to strengthen us for joyful obedience in the world unto the consummation of his kingdom over the world. From beginning to end, this book confesses with the Reformers that Jesus Christ bears the exclusive identity of God the Son incarnate and has accomplished an all-sufficient work to fulfill God’s eternal plans and establish God’s eternal kingdom on earth. We confess both the exclusivity and sufficiency of Christ alone because Scripture reveals that “[ w] hat Christ has done is directly related to who he is. It is the uniqueness of his person that determines the efficacy of his work.” 12” from “Christ Alone—The Uniqueness of Jesus as Savior: What the Reformers Taught…and Why It Still Matters (The Five Solas Series)” by Stephen Wellum, Michael Reeves


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