“What we need today, more than sight, is vision. Seeing, in our day, easily leads to fear. In fact, this has been the case through most of the ages. One of the things that separated the prophets of Israel from the people of Israel was the difference between sight and vision. The people saw the temporal, and they could not get past what they were seeing. God granted the prophets vision of the eternal, which towered above and overshadowed the temporal. Where the people of Israel saw problems, Israel’s prophets saw God and His promises. Where the people saw allurements and temptations, the prophets saw God’s call to purity and God’s call to covenant obedience. Where the people mistook the shadows for the eternal and abiding reality, the prophets saw beyond the shadows and saw straight into the truly real. If we only see what appears before us, we may easily shrink back in fear, or, worse, drift away from our first love. We can be enticed away by appearances. The book of Proverbs offers vivid accounts of the destruction that comes in the wake of being fooled by alluring sights. Seeing can lead to our ruin. Instead, we need to cultivate our vision.” from “A Time for Confidence: Trusting God in a Post-Christian Society” by Stephen J. Nichols


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