First cause

Only biblical religion acknowledges an absolute being who is also personal. 38 So for the Christian, the Creator of the universe is also our Lord, our ultimate Judge, and our dearest friend. So the God of the Bible is not only the First Cause, but also the ultimate standard of truth and of right. More than this: the biblical God is not only personal, but tripersonal. 39 He is one God in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. His oneness is important philosophically: the world has only one First Cause, one ultimate standard of truth and right. But God’s threeness is also important. As we saw earlier, philosophical metaphysicians have argued among themselves about monism and pluralism: whether the universe is one or many. Van Til’s view was that because God is both one and many, he has made a world that is both one and many: that is, no unity without particulars, nor vice versa. Philosophical attempts to reduce the universe to one something, or to chop the world into “ultimate constituents,” either procedure as an attempt to gain exhaustive knowledge of the world, are bound to fail. 40


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