“Far from avoiding people from the gay community, as many Christians are tempted to do, you should make a point of getting close to people who are different from you. Spend time with them doing things you both like, as I did in playing video games with Louis. Ask questions to get to know a new friend better. Share your own story. Find some way to be of help. Go to movies, go out to eat, just hang out with people who are different from you. Maybe you could even offer to pray with a person from the LGBT community and begin to dialogue about his or her life. God will use you to demonstrate his love to someone else. And by the way, this goes both ways. You’ll get something back too, as the other person gets to know you in relationship. In fact, I believe we have so much to learn from people from all walks of life, including the LGBT community. Each person carries with him or her vast experiences, joys, hurts, learning, and more. Obviously there will be issues that you will not agree on, but at least you will have a new friend. In short, you’ve got to get your hands dirty by embracing the lives of others. Not that people in the LGBT community are actually dirty, any more than the rest of us are. That’s just not true. What I’m saying is, if you want to show God’s grace to people in this or any community, you’ve got to get to work at forming relationships with people, one by one. At one point, someone cared enough about you to get his or her hands dirty in the messiness of your life. Maybe it’s time for you to do the same for others.” from “Messy Grace: How a Pastor with Gay Parents Learned to Love Others Without Sacrificing Conviction” by Caleb Kaltenbach

Can we see Thru the eyes of a child..

Cant we be just like children in watching 



Without adulterizing its elements

For example cant wonder woman’s lasso of truth be just that and not a symbol for s and m bondage???etc

Many times we stopped taking  the fun  and wonder of enjoying fantasy.

 Cant we be just like children going thru a wardrobe and discovering a whole new 

World without reading adult themes  which exists in their dirty minds

 We critize 

we condemn

We demonize 
Fairytales games etc thru the eyes of a adult not thru the eyes of wonder of a child

We stifle

We discourage

We persecute 

We burn at the stake 

A  writers creativity to  mimic their creator

Whether if they acknowledge it or not

Our modern day Galileos ….


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