Creative writing

In God’s providence in my personal lifeThe way He gave me the gift of writing,

Creative writing

is I am a stutter at times

Now more when I am nervous
Nobody will hear me 

choose to hear me 

Rather laugh

 at me
So God used these people

The circumstances

To draw inwards and pour 

My heart

My mind

Unto the canvas of paper(now iPad)

To express the wonder of this creation

By creating 

By joining

By composing

Words and phrases

Into musical compositions I call creative writing….
And now they hear

We hear 
And God always and will hear

The beautiful 

The wonderful 

The fragile and delicate

Gift He has given me
No loan me to be a finite xerox copy

Of His infinite creative speech 

Whose words alone can become real and alive

And mine just a finite shadow that lurks in our dreams,thoughts and inspirations

It create in your and mine heart and mind……


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