Gee,all babies have the overruling right to life….

I fathered three children with my wife(we would’ve had more but miscarriages)and at the pregnancy of my first child Willie jr I for the first encountered the dehumanizing of my baby-and baby(yes with all my heart,mind and soul-my entire being I believe a baby is a Human Being and not a potential human being as soon at conception yes even though at first they look like tadpoles)the gynecologist kept it referring to my son as a clump of flesh,a dot of flesh cells,fetus and I knew enough of the faith that each time He would dehumanized my son I would counter with words,statements implying in clear terms His Humanity-it was a bantering back and forth like abbot and Costello who’s on first skit…THat even though if my baby-any baby was born with birth deficient I,my wife would give baby LIFE who are we to play God of follow the religious dogma of Darwin’s survival of the fittest…this hits me when I read the world celebrating Icelands curing lowering Down’s syndrome in their country and I naively thought they found a medical cure or treatment….then I read the article and realized these kids were being thrown into Gas ovens of human convenience,human morality and values…human instant gratification and self seeking pleasure….sacrificed at the altars of the moloch of the easy,convenient life… free from commitments from others but not self–for I am the center of the universe!!! It is like the

Relentless terminators

from the movies in real life but instead of killer robots its human doctors, nurses

human institutions such as hospitals and clinics…A Ruthless relent wave-onslaught on the defenseless in this case waiting to be born infants in the guise of human Benevolence,kindness over the ugliness of man for each other,

And the unmaking of the Hippocratic oath making it null and void making it rather a living testament to human hypocrisy..”…”

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