sin at each of our births has placed a handle with care label

Attached to our minds,souls,hearts,minds and every movement and moment

Of our. Lives and in our life

In the lives and life we share



With others…

whose instructions read:

I’m a good person, i do good, my family is christain, i am baptized, i go to church, i tithe, i pray, i read the bible, i belive in God etc.


sin before the majesty and holiness of God

Its true nature is revealed

Brought to light as

A mirage in the endless lifeless waterless desert

Whose  clothes us in” the sham of

“The emperor new clothes”…

Nothing more nothing less

Than filthy dirty rags

We blasphemy towards God first and then

To ourselves

Then to each other as

Good deeds

Good reputation

Morality that comes

That flows

that has life and substance


out of a social contract

Or chance

Or Manmade religion or philosophy

Lacking the firm moorings of being secured in The true God

As He has revealed in His Word: The Bible

All else are empty shadows that have just enough of God’s infinite wisdom

To decieve one to enroll

In its university of higher learning

To graduate truly with with this worthless paper….
sin deceives us thinking with it we have a master/genie relationship when in reality we are its slave and sin our cruel master…

sin creates a religon where it can hide and grow…

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