The Problem with American ‘Christianity’ | Desiring God

What defines a Christian isn’t just a one-time decision but lifelong delight. God gives us new hearts that treasure Jesus more than anything else.
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Is God’s Love A Reckless Love? – The Blazing Center

Is God’s love a reckless love? That the phrase used by Cory Asbury in the massively popular worship song. But when you look at scripture, you see something much more beautiful and glorious. God’s love isn’t reckless, but something much more staggering and breathtaking.
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Attachment Theory and Your Relationship With God | Mockingbird

Another sampler from the Mental Health Issue! Here’s a doozie from psychologist Bonnie Poon Zahl about the meaning of ‘attachment theory’ and its implications for the ways we talk about our faith. Of course, this is only to whet your appetite…

I am a psychologist of religion. This means that I use tools from psychological science to study, empirically, the manifold expressions of religion and spirituality in human lives. I am most interested in how people understand and relate to God, and in my research I adopt the methodological naturalism that is expected in my discipline; I try to understand people’s religious…Read More > > >
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