Of Thanos of avengers infinity,God and the institution of biblical marriage

A marriage of two Christians are in a rough spot with the world,sin and satan

Assailing it openly and in secretly daily and perpetually the holy institution of Adam and his eve

Of creating the illusion of it being uncharted territory to do with it what I want and who I want to do it with

Where God dissipates it instantly with His word without strain or effort With just a snap of His sovereign fingers like Thanos from Avengers infinity war:

Banishing not superhero’s or anybody else but banishing forever the-lies about marriage written,perpetuated taught and faithfully held in both blissful blindness and king of fool faith about marriage by the world,sin and Satan…

I can not stress or express enough how marriage is even made all rougher and all

the harder when one or both have unbiblical views and expectations of marriage rather knowingly or unknowingly letting the world,sin and Satan wander freely in their personal eden meant only for them,God and their children

And like the ring bearers in the lord of the rings

God minces no words that often than not

Because of the world,sin and Satan

The covenant ring of marriage

It is so heavy

So costly to bear

That we are to tempted to think

The world,sin and Satan deceive us to believe

that we can easily take the ring off our finger

But we cannot

We refuse

We are unable like Gollum

Because God let’s us see in a heavenly vision what marriage could truly be it’s awesome blessing and heavenly worship

And not how corrupted it has become under mans stewardship under the tyranny of the world,sin and Satan…..

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