“Stubborn Love: Reflecting the Gospel By Keeping Your Marriage Covenant” by Tim Counts | The Master’s Seminary Blog

Jesus will never leave His bride. Yet, He does more than provide a supreme example of stubborn love for His bride. Because of Christ’s death and resurrection, we can lean into Jesus today to give us the strength to follow Him in giving His kind of covenant love to our spouse.
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Gee just the two points:

1. Satan hates your marriage

2. Christ will never ever leave His bride with the prophet Hosea being that figure of Christ

I wish the church would knock into our hard heads couples seeking to be married


this rather than worldly principles-worldly view of marriage:its purpose,sustaince and nurturing slit of married people will then not fall to the satanic enchantment of the grass is greener in your neighbors yard,buy up materialistic mentality or when the ship is sinking women and children first and not in that particular order……

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