Recientes hallazgos arqueológicos en Asiria corroboran las Escrituras | Respuestas en Génesis

Recientes hallazgos en Asiria nos recuerdan de la veracidad de las Escrituras al corroborar lo que dice sobre las civilizaciones históricas. La evidencia arqueológica no tiene voz por si sola, sino la interpretación que se le da y la Biblia ofrece esa voz para entender mejor lo que vemos en cada descubrimiento.
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Built-in advantage | WORLD News Group

Built-in advantage | WORLD News Group
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Gee this is happening in All sports that has allowed this

I read earlier this year and saw the mma fight between a biological female and a men defining himself as a female in his mind

The way the biological God blessed God biologically defined as female describes it she never experienced the blows she felt from him fighting as a her

I call this legalized domestic abuse

I also call my it nothing but cheating in your face and out in the open for all to see

Here’s the race in the news

Here’s the mma fight Continue reading “Built-in advantage | WORLD News Group”

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