Some thoughts on racism

Not by wisdom of man Darwin,his predecessors,descendants and racism

Or human wisdom distorting







Pride,subtleties,machinations and self centeredness



Using wite out to subtract from The word of God or add to

the word of God

On purpose

By birthright and family and cultural traditions

Or automatically by our sinful nature: auto-check..

Humans some are more some are less….some don’t deserve…

Men superior woman inferior…

But racism is manmade by the sinful imaginations of man

Willfully and naturally knowingly or unknowingly

guided by our sinful nature and particular sins we prefer,love and follow…

But God…made all of us and declared by divine holy fiat

Male and female

Every race,tribe,tongue

The precious naturally God given gift of Divine pronouncement

Divine proclamation

Divine Heavenly royal decree

Divine word that alone creates:

“Let is make man in our image”:

100% created equally in His image

The gift that keeps on giving

From birth unto eternity:

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