Above the Waters (USA) – Compassion Gallery Fine Art Print – Compassion Gallery: God dwelling above us thoughts

Check out this Limited Edition Collector’s print of Above the Waters, a photo taken in USA by fine art photographer, Ray Majoran. Compassion Gallery aims to help people become unOblivious to the world around them. 100% of profits are donated to help those in need.
— Read on compassion.gallery/photo-10079057/

Not only eternally dwelling above the circus 🎪 of human history,culture,politics,society etc but in our individual personal lives and through Christ our Jacob’s ladder first He descended to us through creation

Through Old Testament Israel

Through His incarnation and birth

Through His cross

Through His resurrection

Through His accession

Through His return

Written and guaranteed written in His precious blood His love letter to us :His word…

so that we may ascend to Him as His redeemed children…

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