All I say we must be like the Berans

All I say we must be like the Berans

Search scripture(acts 17:11):

The power of the gospel is not powerful:

Because a celebrity declares supports and proclaims

Often In spite of

Without indefinitely infinitely

No infinite need of it to add one tiny microscopic speck of power or charge-because it is like a iPad it’s battery dead because it has no power or insufficient power

No relevance nor application for us

for today or the future:

Romans 1:16

1-Paul perhaps was the most celebrity of the disciples and apostles yet

Christ choose not the wise famous rich powerful for His twelve disciples but mere fisherman mere men

2-Also rich man begging to comeback from hell to talk to his brothers (that was a celebrity type endorsement event/someone coming back from the dead)

Luke 16:24-31

Even that in general and celebrity status in whatever category specifically was and never enough and be enough nor a better spokesperson,less controversial less offending more loving than Christ and those who speak with His voice: John 10:27

And I am reminded of this scene from the chronicles of Narnia last battle:

The creatures came rushing on, their eyes brighter and brighter as they drew nearer and nearer to the standing Stars. But as they came right up to Aslan one or other of two things happened to each of them. They all looked straight in his face; I don’t think they had any choice about that. And when some looked, the expression of their faces changed terribly – it was fear and hatred… And all the creatures who looked at Aslan in that way swerved to their right, his left, and disappeared into his huge black shadow… I don’t know what became of them. But the others looked in the face of Aslan and loved him, though some of them were very frightened at the same time. And all of these came in at the Door, on Aslan’s right. (Ch 14)

Just a shadow cast borrowing or sustained from the infinite burning light of Christ and His word

Rather more a obstacle of human finiteness and finiteness ofhinderance

Romans 1:17-18

We must be careful not to get our theology our church our fellowship mainly from social and entertainment media

But mainly from your local church and fellowship

whose unshakable foundation and fountain of living waters is the unfiltered word of God

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