Did God say???or are you trying to $$$from the Covid-19???

I remember when I worked in New York city’s Bookstore: Christian Publications at that time the largest Christian bookstore in the city (which is regretfully closed now one of innocent victims of Amazon,ebooks etc). During the time of 9-11 which right after that many sincere Christians wrote books about 9-11 honestly to help Christians and unbelievers alike by pointing them to Christ as the only true answer and cure…yet others crept in like wolves using this tragic event to point only at themselves,to gain followers and line their pockets with $$$ one,some or all of the above. Readers are asking wheres your Beef???and I am reminded of this old Wendy’s commercial: https://youtu.be/riH5EsGcmTw

But let me say first my beef is not with David Wilkerson who has been claimed to utter this prophecy of Covid-19…they make it seem He did by a evil,Deviously,quick cash scheme which at worst is cut and paste and best a outright lie..

David Wilkerson was a godly man but like you and me born and marred by sin which God has allowed choosing for Christians before His second coming to compete His work in us: https://www.openbible.info/topics/sanctification

-point to Him and Him alone as the author of our salvation from beginning to end and not us…-we are prone to pride and self worship and lastly idol worship if not us others…Reminds me of these old sayings: Remember you are mortal’ in the ears of victorious generals as they were paraded through the streets after coming home, triumphant, from battle…-based on Daniel 2:

“feet of ˈclay

a surprising fault or weakness in the character of somebody who is admired and respected: Why are people always surprised when they discover that their heroes have feet of clay?This idiom comes from a story in the Bible, where the king of Babylon saw an image with a head of gold and feet of clay.”

Pastor Wilkerson was a prophet in this sense in teaching Gods word but not a biblical prophet not because you and I say that but Gods Word declares it:

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