On the Church and Star Wars

Gee I have been to churches that remind me of the clone wars in Star Wars and this scene:


Meaning they are exact clones based on race,class,theological convictions on denomination,age,pastor or pastoral staff etc…

And why: because it is not a family likeness in Christ that is The foundation of their unity-their family bond-their family blood 🩸…that flows into all areas of their lives…that is understandable,expected and reality…

Colossians 3:9-10

Ephesians 4:20-24

Romans 8:29 ….etc…

But a unity based on human likeness,human bias and prejudices,human wisdom That rather unites different peoples -encourages only those who are the same while purposely or unknowingly or unaware excluding others and encouraging/attracting those people who are the same as they..

Gee much like the Pharisees with this attitude,this self righteousness,this behavior,this belief -instead of Christ and His likeness -His Righteousness reflecting in our heart,mind and life:

Matthew 9:10-17

Mark 2:15-22

Luke 5:29-39

Zombies and Pandemics

Gee so much effort,talent,time,waste of life,brain cells and money on this:(and I say this based on 1: God’s Word 2. The same God created everything establishing its laws,functions and wonders…and 3. Who God is and Charecter



When they should’ve been planing for pandemics like Covid…🤔🤔🤔

We’re Reconsidering Cops on TV. But What About Superheroes? | Time(rev)

We’re Reconsidering Cops on TV. But What About Superheroes? | Time
— Read on www.google.com/amp/s/time.com/5857064/defunding-police-superheroes-onscreen/?amp=true


This is so real it is a living joke:

The world is acting like us christains when we get more holier more self righteous than thou taking God given gifts like imagination,creativity,the sciences and arts etc…that we christains can and should reflect and unbelievers do sometimes reflect since we All are created in His image…whenever those things that reflects God, worships, points to and praises Him knowingly and Unknowingly sanitizing,destroying,erasing,canceling and deleting these things and at best those things that can be redeemed we redeem and at worse we embrace and worship and build upon..

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