Life before and after Covid: Everyday life

Before Covid: As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man: They ate, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all” (Luke 17:26-27).

After Covid:

Turning to idols of gold,stone,wood,imagination,self and everything else but the Only One who alone and solely truly to help:Christ
Salmos/Psalms 115 1 NO á nosotros, oh Jehová, no á nosotros, Sino á tu nombre da gloria; Por tu misericordia, por tu verdad.
1 Not unto us, O Jehovah, not unto us, But unto thy name give glory, For thy lovingkindness, and for thy truth’s sake. 2 Por qué dirán las gentes: ¿Dónde está ahora su Dios?
2 Wherefore should the nations say, Where is now their God? 3 Y nuestro Dios está en los cielos: Todo lo que quiso ha hecho.

But our God is in the heavens: He hath done whatsoever he pleased. 4 Sus ídolos son plata y oro, Obra de manos de hombres.
4 Their idols are silver and gold, The work of men’s hands. 5 Tienen boca, mas no hablarán; Tienen ojos, mas no verán;
5 They have mouths, but they speak not; Eyes have they, but they see not; 6 Orejas tienen, mas no oirán; Tienen narices, mas no olerán;
6 They have ears, but they hear not; Noses have they, but they smell not; 7 Manos tienen, mas no palparán; Tienen pies, mas no andarán; No hablarán con su garganta.
7 They have hands, but they handle not; Feet have they, but they walk not; Neither speak they through their throat.

8 Como ellos son los que los hacen; Cualquiera que en ellos confía.
8 They that make them shall be like unto them; Yea, every one that trusteth in them. 9 Oh Israel, confía en Jehová: El es su ayuda y su escudo.
9 O Israel, trust thou in Jehovah: He is their help and their shield.

Missouri school is closed after the father of the state’s first coronavirus patient broke self quarantine so he could attend a dance with his younger daughter and her classmates – magAMedia

A Missouri school has closed after a father with Corona Virus attended a dance with his daughter. He was in the quarantine process and decided to leave his house anyways so he could attend. Pure selfishness in the face of a health crisis seems to be a trend in America. A lady on the Grand…
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