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It’s raining frogs: a brief look at the planet’s weirdest weather ever – Popular Science

It's raining frogs: a brief look at the planet's weirdest weather ever
Popular Science
The same natural patterns that cause normal weather can also result in bizarre, terrifying, and downright mythical phenomena. Here are some of the strangest. Read the full story

Oh celebrity pastors…

For every person lead to Christ by a:
Celebrity pastor
Celebrity church
Celebrity gospel
God uses lay people
Not only to shift the celebrity everything converts
To evangelize
Those same converts…
But sift ,sow,uproot-replant,plant and harvest the field that God sends them as well…

“Technology has brought tremendous blessings to our world, such as vaccines, agricultural advances, and indoor plumbing. Even Neil Postman, a critic of the effects of technology, noted that it would be “stupid to be anti-technology. That would be something like being anti-food. We need technology to live, as we need food to live.” 1 But Postman also qualified that statement by cautioning, “But, of course, if we eat too much food, or eat food that has no nutritional value, or eat food that is infected with disease, we turn a means of survival into its opposite. The same may be said of our technology.” 2 Therefore, what I am confronting in this chapter is not technology itself, but the harmful effects that result from its misuse and overuse. I am confronting what Postman referred to as technopoly, which he defined as a “state of culture” and a “state of mind” that “consists in the deification of technology, finds its satisfaction in technology, and takes its orders from technology.” 3 Technopoly occurs when technology dominates and controls our lives.” from “7 Toxic Ideas Polluting Your Mind” by Anthony Selvaggio

“Bruce Waltke comments as follows on the Babelites’ misuse of technology: Technology, which enables human beings to subdue the earth and in part sets them above the animals, is God’s good gift to people. However, people pervert it. Since the word name connotes fame and progeny, the city builders were futilely attempting to find significance and immortality in their technology and their achievements. But technology cannot give divine blessing. Only God can give an everlasting name (see Gen. 12: 2), and he gives it to those who magnify his name and not their own achievements. 4” from “7 Toxic Ideas Polluting Your Mind” by Anthony Selvaggio

An Interview with Propaganda – Christ and Pop Culture

An Interview with Propaganda – Christ and Pop Culture via @christandpc