The Honeymoon: Part 2

❤️ And we shall share in these sacred and holy unions:

And this time I without no doubts

Confident to the very fibers of my being:

Drawing strength and wisdom

determination and eternally fixed hope: Christ

Not on a impersonal force or chance or accident-

Like these scenes from these iconic movies further illustrating my points that everyone and

Everybody knows:

Where the hero depended on luck

I depended on His grace

Where the hero on chance

I depended on His divine providential care:

Or On the final run needing a impossible one in a million shot to snatch victory from the insatiable and ravenous jaws of defeat :

The hero had the force

I have prayer and His Word

He had two other lone allies

I have God and the whole host of heaven

To destroy my death star of loneliness

And unlike the hero claiming unknown to him to claim his princess who really was his sister-

I claimed my princess

My eve

And my Wanda

In this bright star of hope and faith I chased you and my destiny:

And you let me catch you

Thus leading us

You and me

Thus guiding us

You and me to our love nest:

Which you and I had planned to build

Have built

And are continually building:

Genesis 4:1a

The man was intimate with his wife Eve,

Ephesians 5:

31 For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife,† and the two will become one flesh.†† 32

And I knew you

And you knew me

We knew each other:

In a dance of love:

A act of worship





And defined

by God

Only two hearts

Only two minds

And two souls

Alone could experience

Alone could share that intimate nakedness

Not only in body

Not only emotionally

But spiritually bearing of who they are

Intimately and exclusively to each other


As a gift of joy sharing oneness

sharing intimacy love

A mortal copy of the infinitely profound mystery of the Trinity-

Yes As a gift of joy sharing oneness sharing intimacy love

Yes A mortal copy of the infinitely profound mystery of the Trinity:

Borrowing from 80’s culture for a finite shadow- similar to Plato’s parable of the cave

– serving as a illustration:

Or it’s twin or clone or both:

Ephesians 5:

32 This mystery† is profound, but I am talking about Christ and the church.

I sang to you then

I sing to you now

You sang to me then

And you sing to me now

We sang together then

We sing together now



Opening a whole new world:

Where dreams I had in the past

Never came true

But when I finally met you

All my dreams have and

Will always come true

Yes and amen

In you Wanda..

To always find new worlds to discover and explore-

For me alone to discover and explore:

together the natural and hidden wonders of you:

In heart

In mind

And in body……

This Wanda I sealed it with the one kiss God alone gives us:


These gems I blessed placing each on the crown I bestowed to you

In heart

In mind

Upon your head

Making you

Declaring you

My Eve…


My Eve…