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7 Ways You Can Join the Fight Against Racism – Discover

7 Ways You Can Join the Fight Against Racism

They have my apps for everything would not surprise me

if they came up with

my apps of Jesus Church .etc. anything and everything

to make easy Christianity easier…

and much more lite….

The true miracle worker

Saints and the Virgin Mary
Walked the same path as all
Humanity called sin
So the only miracles they can perform

Is by deceit
By superstition
ny satanic counterfeit deception
Not meaningless trinkets of unanswered works called the treasury of merit which is all papermoney kids play to know the value of money or fools gold that imaginary fortunes are built on….
Or stealing
what was rightfully performed by the only miracle worker: Christ from His divine treasury called limitless grace.
directly and indirectly from His sovereign will

In act of mercy or love or judgement
Or thru prayers and Petitions of believers
or guiding the hands of the unsaved like doctors that do know Christ for one example

Photobombing Jesus