When the World Calls Them Otherwise, God Calls Them Good | Mockingbird

It is a scary time to be raising children. But boys come with their own narrative of misbehaviors. Boys are deemed too intense, too loud, too active. They misbehave earlier and more demonstrably than most girls. They have a much higher rate of diagnosis for challenges like ADHD and mood disorders. They spend more time […]
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Depressed – Stephen McAlpine

I was just finishing a sermon when it all came crashing down.  Not my sermon.  Me.  I came crashing down. I remember the moment exactly.  Sunday morning, Parkerville Baptist Church, 2005.  It was the morning of the church open day.  It was a hive of activity.  A buzz.  Marquees, tents, food, drinks, performances.  And me,…
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